Comming Events 2014

April 23-  Meet the Gard, 7:00 pm meeting at Plymouth Public Library

May 3- Musket Firing Demo, 10 am Monument Beach Sportsman Club, rt 28 Bourne, Ma.

May 17- Militia Muster All day Sandwich 375th Anniversary, Sandwich Ma.

June 9- Discussion and demo,  7:00 pm, Halifax Historical Society, Halifax Ma.

Presidents Day Activity Feb 17,2014

New Plimmoth Gard and Pligrim Hall have joined to bring a family-oriented activity to Plymouth’s Memorial Hall.

ESTABLISHMENT DAY : A re-enactment of the February 17, 1621 event where the first colonists establish military affairs for protection of the Plimoth Colony.  This was the start of citizen-soldiery in North America.

New Plimmoth Gard will be at Pligrim Hall Museum February 17 from 10 am to 2 pm. We will be answering questions, demonstrating 17th century Military Arts and engaging the children in Pike drill.  The formal re-enactment will begin at 11:30 am.


Attend the Captain

Attend the Captain


establishment day 006Commemoration of the Feb 17 1621 Pilgrim Gathering to arrange military affairs will be held Monday February 17 2014 10 a to 2 p at Pilgrim Hall Museum Court St, Plymouth Mass.

We are very excited to be joining with Pilgrim Hall Museum to bring some hands on living history to the public.


NEXT MEETING March 27 7pm at Plymouth Public Library

It was a cold clear day, but having postponed the event 24 hours brought us sunshine and clear skies.  New Plimmoth Gard held its inaugural Establishment Day reenactment Monday February 18,2018.   See the Picture Gallery for more scenes.

establishment day 035

AND check the Video from The OLD COLONY MEMORIAL

AND local Cable PACTV news story


Establishment Day- a New Plimmoth Gard reenactment February 18, 2013 12:30pm

On February 17 1621, the surviving Mayflower settlers met and “On Saturday the 17th day in the morning we called a meeting for the establishing of Military Orders amongst ourselves, and we chose Miles Standish our Captain, and we gave him authority to command in affaires.”  – from  Mourts’ Relation 1622.
The New Plimmoth Gard will re-enact this event for the first time in 392 years, it is also the first anniversary of our group.  We will perform this reenactment at 12:30 pm on Monday February 18, 2013.  The event will start at Town Square at the top of Leyden St, in Plymouth Ma.

The New Plimmoth Gard is a group of historical reenactors portraying the citizen soldiers of Plymouth Colony circa 1640.  Our aim is to promote knowledge and understanding of early colonial society, and the importance of military preparedness to this culture.  We do this through historically accurate demonstrations of military practices using the weapons, armor and clothing of the period.

We are a new group formed in early 2012. We are looking to expand our membership.  Interested adults are welcome.  We meet in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  We are looking forward to the 400th anniversary of the founding of America’s Home Town.  We have men and women as members.

New Plimmoth Gard Town Square- Plymouth MA

New Plimmoth Gard Town Square- Plymouth MA

New Plimmoth Gard is a HIT at AHTC Parade


Dear Steve and company:

Together with the 2012 AHTC Committee, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your participation in the Historic Village.

Fellow reenactors were astounded when we mentioned that the AHTC was your first “official” event – all of your hard work was clearly evident!

We are deeply grateful for all of your work – to lug in gear, set up your camp and display, entertain and inform the public and then break it all down and pack it up – your presence made the AHTC Historic Village truly come alive.

Thank you, thank you for participating in the  2012 AHTC event.

Happy Thanksgiving !     Most sincerely

Phyllis Anderson

Parade Unit Coordinator